React wrapper around selectize
Latest commit 722d178 Apr 9, 2015 @ggarek feat: update for React v0.13
Updated package to work with React v0.13.

Incorporated fix suggested via PR

Added package.json.

Added npm script to build the package. Run with
 > npm run-script build
React-tools should be installed:
 > npm install react-tools -g

Updated package version.

React wrapper for Selectize


The package was made as temporary solution and will be no longer maintained. Although you can still use it i would strongly recommend to switch for mature React UI library material-ui or alike.

I have made simple React wrapper around selectize primarily for myself. But if you find it helpful, fill free to use.

And of course fill free to add merge requests or register issues. I will try to handle it as soon as i can.


  • 07.04.2014 Fixed issue when selectize`s dropdown was reopenning after onChange event
  • 10.04.2014 Added ability to pass classes through props ('control-group' class removed)
  • 09.04.2015 Update for React v0.13. Incoroprate some PR. Mark as Obsolete.