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#JDI UI Test Automation Framework

Copyright (c) 2016, EPAM Systems

License: GPL v3. GPL License


JDI – is the test Framework for UI test automation. It extends the Page Objects design pattern and introduces many additional elements along with implementation of its common usages.

The framework bases on the following concept: “Easy things should be easy, and hard things should be possible” Larry Wall (c).

Thus, all elements of the framework and all capabilities it provides have default realizations that would be used in most cases.

However, if your application performs some actions in a different way, you can override this behavior on any level - just for this element, for all elements with the same type, or even customize the scenario of actions for all elements.

Similarly, you can use any external tools and frameworks for the relevant functionality - different loggers, reporting tools, drivers test runners, and asserters.

We strive to make the test process easier and full of joy.

Enjoy to us! :)

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