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Dear ImGui over WebSockets
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Dear ImGui over WebSockets

This is a small library that allows to stream a Dear ImGui scene to multiple WebSocket clients at once. This is achieved by sending Dear ImGui's DrawData structure which is then rendered in the browser using WebGL. To reduce the amount of network traffic, we send only the diffs between sequential frames (for more info - see #1).

Live examples

These are sample applications using imgui-ws, running on a Linode 2GB instance:

Example URL Description
demo-null Dear ImGui's demo app
basic-null Basic read-only data visualization


There are a few tools that help with the development and the optimization of the ImDrawData compression:

  • record-sdl2

    Record the ImDrawData for all rendered frames in a Dear ImGui session

    ./bin/record-sdl2 session.imdd
  • replay-sdl2

    Replay a session recorded with the record-sdl2 tool

    ./bin/replay-sdl2 session.imdd
  • compressor-benchmark

    Run the available ImDrawData compression algorithms on various pre-recorded Dear ImGui sessions. Reports compression ratio, average required bandwidth and cpu utilization:

    ./bin/compressor-benchmark session0.imdd [session1.imdd] [session2.imdd] [...]

Building & running

# build
git clone --recursive
cd imgui-ws && mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..

# running
./bin/demo-null 5000

Open some browsers and point them to http://localhost:5000/





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