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Note: this example has been moved in a standalone repository -

Future development will continue there


Interactive browsing of Hacker News in the terminal



Live demo in the browser

The Emscripten port of HNTerm uses Emscripten's Fetch API instead of libcurl to perform requests to the HN API.

Demo: (not suitable for mobile devices)


HNTerm is a small console application written in C++ for browsing Hacker News. It queries the official HN API and interactively displays the current stories and comments. It uses libcurl to perform the GET requests to the API. The UI is rendered with ImTui. HNTerm fetches only the content that is currently visible on the screen. The window splits allow browsing multiple stories/comment sections at the same time.


Linux and Mac:

git clone --recursive
cd imtui
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..

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