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KotSF Blogging Engine

This is a pretty straightforward blog based on the Gatsby blog tutorial. The main difference is this blog has three sections.

  1. /gdarchive/

These are posts transfered over from an old blog. They use a different url scheme.

  1. /publish/

These are the main posts of this blog.

  1. /draft/

    These are posts that are in-progress. The /draft/* url is meant to be hidden behind basic AUTH from the webserver. This way posts can be shared with friends to review for comment if desired, without them being available to the general public.

🚀 Quick start

  1. Clone this repository.

    If you'd like to use this for your own blog, start by cloning this repository.

    # create a new blog using kotsf-blog
    git clone
  2. Update data location.

    I keep the data in a separate repository. Open gatsby-config.js and update the path for the gatsby-source-filesystem

    resolve: `gatsby-source-filesystem`,
      options: {
        name: `root`,
        path: `/path/to/your/data/`

    When writing posts make sure to have a field called section in the frontmatter that has a value of either "gdarchive", "publish", or "draft" and make sure the path is set appropriately so gatsby puts the post in the right place when building the site. My posts directory looks like this:

    ├── draft
      ├── a-draft-slug
    ├── gdarchive
      ├── a-gdarchive-slug
        ├── an-image.jpg
    ├── publish
      ├── a-published-slug
        ├── another-image.jpg

    Markdown files for each section are stored with the pattern of having a directory with the slug name and an with the post content underneath it. The,, and contain the content to use for those portions of the site.

  3. Start the development server!

    Once you have everything how you like it just run:

      gatsby develop

    and the site should come up at http://localhost:8000

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