Installation and configuration

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This app is available from F-Droid.


After the app has been downloaded, you need to configure it.

  1. Navigate to Menu / System Settings / ACCOUNTS / Add account. Click CalDav Sync Adapter.

  2. Enter your name, password, and calendar URL. For OwnCloud, it's something like https://server/owncloud base/remote.php/caldav/principals/user_name.

  3. Click OK. If it works, it will say so.

  4. A new CalDav Sync Adapter entry should appear under ACCOUNTS. Click on that to enable syncing. The initial sync could take a long time. After that, calendar entries show up in the default Android calendar as expected.

Warning for versions <= V1.7

  • Right now, CaldavSyncAdapter only does one-way syncing. It looks like you can add an event from within the Calendar app on Android. You can add one there, but it won't sync to the Caldav server. There is no obvious error message in this case ... please be careful not to try to add events in this fashion.

Warning for Version >= V1.8

  • the 2 way sync has been implemented. but this could be still faulty. do not use the sync adapter if you want to be sure not to loose all your data.
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