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…f-contained tool that generates the CP tarball from github sources
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1. What is the eZ Publish Builder?
-A set of php files and tools to "build" eZ Publish Community Projects tarballs and deliverables.
+A set of php files and tools to help in the "build process" of eZ Publish Community Project
+tarballs and deliverables.
It is based on the Pake tool.
+It is not a "complete" tool, as it relies on external repositories and build servers
+to do the heavy lifting.
-The build process consists of the following steps:
+The build process carried out by this tool consists of the following steps:
- getting a copy of the latest version of the source code from the git repository
- creating a changelog file and adding it to the sources
- - replacing some token strings inside some specific files (eg. version nr. and licensing info)
- - other stuff... (black magic)
-- creating tarballs in different formats
-The current state of evolution is:
-. most of the actual build process is carried out by the official eZ Publish build server
-. this tool can only be used to
- - prapare the changelog file
- - generate MS WPI packages from an already built eZP source tree
+- invoking the external build process
+- produce different packaged formats from the tarballs generated by the external build process
2. License
@@ -36,6 +32,7 @@ or questions please contact
or as part of the extension itself, the first time you run the pakefile.php script
- the Zeta Components php library (only for generating tarballs and html docs from rst)
- command line tools: git
+- access to the eZ Publish build server (Jenkins) and CI github repositories
4. Installing

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