A small set of Vim behaviours for Safari
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Vimmy - Neato Vim-ness for Safari


The best way to get the latest version is to download the release file from GitHub. The extension is available on the Safari Extensions Gallery but they haven't been responding to my requests for an update, so the version there is stale.


  • hjkl to scroll left/down/up/right
  • gg and shift+g to scroll to top/bottom
  • f to click on elements like links, inputs, buttons
  • shift-f to open links in a new background tab
  • esc and ctrl+[ to break out of link mode
  • shift-h to go back in history
  • shift-l to go forward in history
  • gt and shift-k to go to the next tab
  • gT and shift-j to go the the previous tab
  • x to close the current tab
  • t to open a new tab
  • r to reload the current tab
  • ctrl-d to scroll down by half a page
  • ctrl-u to scroll up by half a page
  • ctrl-f to scroll down by a full page
  • ctrl-b to scroll up by a full page


If you use websites that have their own shortcuts, you can add them to the extension blacklist (available since version 0.4.0). In extension settings, just add a list of domains where you want the extension to be ignored. Each line can be a regular expression. Please separate the values using commas. For example, yours might look something like this:


Unfortunately Safari is quite limited in what kinds of settings can be added at the moment, so I couldn't add a proper list input. Maybe one day!

It's also possible to add a global hard-coded website blacklist. If you have thoughts or suggestions for this, please check out the Github repo.

If the slightly-rotated hints are a distraction for you, there is also an option to turn that off.

If the black-and-white hints aren't your cup of tea, you're welcome to try high-contrast mode which changes the background to yellow.


There are other Vim extensions for Safari, but this one is mine!

  • better hints (high contrast, chevrons show associated link)
  • fluid scrolling animations
  • minimum useful command set