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This is a stub for an alternative to the current web dashboard of Marvin. Marvin is a system that monitors the health of the Linux kernel in term of performance. For more information, see Mel Gorman's blog post [Continual testing of mainline kernels](

This stub is built retrieving data from [one of the instances of the current web dashboard]( via HTML scraping.

# Retrieve the data and build the page

Enter the root directory of the project and run:

$ ./getdata

This will create the file `data/data.json`. To create the dashboard, run:

$ ./makepage

This will create `html/dashboard.html`. At this point you'll have to serve the `html` directory with an HTTP server (if you just open `dashboard.html` from the browser, you'll miss the .css file). One simple way to do that in a local environment is to use the python module `SimpleHTTPServer`:

$ cd html
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

at this point you can visit the URL `http://localhost:8080/dashboard.html` and you'll have it.

The files `data.json` and `dashboard.html` are also committed in the repository in the directory `reference-artefacts` for convenience.

# Dependencies

The scraper and the page generator are written in python 2; you'll need the modules `BeautifulSoup` and `lxml`.

# Acknoledgements

The CSS file `html/default.css` is taken from the web dashboard of the job scheduler `buildbot`.

# Todo

Most of the functionalities from the original dashboard are missing; in particular:

* all pages besides the main one aren't there
* various hyperlinks
* colors to signal the status of a benchmark
* plots

# License

This work is licensed under GPL.
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