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## use devtools to install other dependencies from GitHub
if (!require('devtools')) install.packages('devtools')  # needs Curl for RCurl
## On Ubuntu or Mac, it takes a few minutes to install qtbase, but you do not need to reinstall it every time
## WINDOWS users, please do NOT run the next line!
install_github('qtbase', 'ggobi', ref='qt4'); install_github('qtpaint', 'ggobi')

install.packages(c('scales', 'tourr', 'objectSignals', 'objectProperties', 'plumbr','SearchTrees')) # install scales from CRAN
pkgs <- list(hadley = c('productplots', 'densityvis'))
for (repo in names(pkgs)) {
  for (pkg in pkgs[[repo]]) install_github(pkg, repo)
## and finally cranvas:
install_github('cranvas', 'ggobi', args="--no-multiarch")

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