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  1. Make sure that you have a recent version of xcode installed.
  2. Install Qt from Use the LGPL version and the SDK complete development environment, and most people should install the cocoa version from that contains "includes build and interface tools". (2/5/2013 the Qt web site seems to have removed this link, may be possible to find from archived versions.) (Versions 4.8 and 5.1 seem to work.)
  3. Install cmake (version 2.8.1 or later); obtain it from
  4. Check your PATH, ensuring that both are visible.
  5. Install the dependent packages by the R code in the Home page.
  6. If you get errors like "smokedata.cpp:6646: error: ‘QDBusServer’ was not declared in this scope" switch to RStudio and build from there. It works! Using R (Good Sport) and the latest RStudio version 0.97.449.
  7. If you get errors like "Library not loaded: libQtCLucene.4.dylib", try to find the directory for libQtCLucene.4.dylib (should be under some Qt folder), add it to your library path.

Material below may be old.

Using homebrew

An alternative method of installing Qt and cmake is to use homebrew, though it should be noted that some of us have been unsuccessful when using brew to install Qt.

  1. install homebrew and run brew dr to test it.
  2. Install cmake and qt using the command line.
    brew install cmake
    brew install qt
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