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GGally 0.5.0
* restructured print method to align properly
* prints only panels, not panels and axis labels in the same plotting area
* prints axis labels in separate plotting area
* may control the spacing between plots in print method
* may control the spacing for the left and bottom axis labels in print method. This is not perfect behavior, but this small loss is worth the major gain of alignment
* may provide custom labels to plot matrix. 'illegal' variable names are now NOT allowed as custom labels may be provided.
* may add a theme to be applied to all subplots
* new function!
* this function makes a scatterplot matrix for quantitative variables with density plots on the diagonal and correlation printed in the upper triangle.
* produces a legend when a color column is provided
* produces a ggplot2 object
GGPARCOORD - splineFactor
* added new splineFactor argument to fit a spline of the points
* may take on TRUE, which defaults to 3 interpolated points
* may take on integer, which interpolates n * length points
* may take an AsIs integer, which interpolates n points
GGally 0.4.8
* Added a dataset on city and service firms from the UCIrvine Network Data Repository. (Removes random connection error)
* Fixed small bug in ggsurv with geom_step col to lty
* Fixed namespace issues for R CMD check
GGally 0.4.7
* ggcorr, ggnet updated with new/more parameters by Francois
* ggally_bar will now scale the y axis to match regular y axis with continuous data
* added travis-ci testing
* Added missing ggsurv
GGally 0.4.6
* Fixed ggally_smooth color issue
* Moved ggplot2 and reshape into Imports and not Depends.
* Now requires version 1.0.0
GGally 0.4.5
* updated to fix reshape imports in NAMESPACE
* updated to add import for package depends 'ggplot2' and 'reshape'
* removed 'ggplot::' from examples
GGally 0.4.4
* `ggnet` has been added to the main functions of GGally. `ggnet` is a
function for making a network plot from an object of class `network` or
`igraph`, using ggplot2. To see a quick demo, check out Francois Briatte's
github page:
* merged some typo mistakes
* Built under the lastest version of R (v3.0.1)
GGally 0.4.3
* `ggcorr` has been added to the main functions of GGally. `ggcorr` is a
function for making a correlation plot starting from a data matrix, using
ggplot2. The function is directly inspired by Tian Zheng and Yu-Sung Su's
arm:corrplot function.
* `ggally_cor` has a new argument of "corSize".
* `ggparcoord` argument "alphaLines" can now point to a column or column number.
* tweaks were made to the roxygen comments to produce cleaner documentation
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