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+\title{Data related to happiness from the General Social Survey, 1972-2006.}
+\format{A data frame with 51020 rows and 10 variables}
+ This data extract is taken from Hadley Wickham's \code{productplots} package.
+ The original description follows, with minor edits.
+ The data is a small sample of variables related to
+ happiness from the General Social Survey (GSS). The GSS
+ is a yearly cross-sectional survey of Americans, run from
+ 1972. We combine data for 25 years to yield 51,020
+ observations, and of the over 5,000 variables, we select
+ nine related to happiness:
+ \itemize{
+ \item age. age in years: 18--89.
+ \item degree. highest education: lt high school, high school, junior college, bachelor, graduate.
+ \item finrela. relative financial status: far above, above average, average, below average, far below.
+ \item happy. happiness: very happy, pretty happy, not too happy.
+ \item health. health: excellent, good, fair, poor.
+ \item marital. marital status: married, never married, divorced, widowed, separated.
+ \item sex. sex: female, male.
+ \item wtsall. probability weight. 0.43--6.43.
+ }

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