WebGL rain animation for Leaflet maps
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WebGL rain animation for Leaflet maps. Extends L.Polygon.



works with leaflet@1.0.0 and higher

npm install leaflet
npm install leaflet-rain
import L from 'leaflet';
import 'leaflet-rain';


let map = L.map(...);

let points = [[latlngs], [latlngs], ...],
    options = {
        angle: 80,
        width: 1,
        spacing: 10,
        length: 4,
        interval: 10,
        speed: 1,
        color: 'Oxa6b3e9'
    rain = L.rain(points, options).addTo(map);

API reference


Factory Description
L.rain(LatLng[] latlngs, options options?) Create rain animation inside (multi)polygon with given latlngs.


Option Type Default Description
angle Number 80 Rain angle (degrees)
width Number 1 Drop width (px)
spacing Number 10 X-spacing between drops (px)
length Number 4 Drop length (px)
interval Number 10 Y-spacing between drops (px)
speed Number 1 Rain speed factor. Values greater 1 increase speed
color String Oxa6b3e9 Rain color hex value


Method Description
setAngle(Number) Sets rain angle (degrees).
setWidth(Number) Sets drop width (px).
setSpacing(Number) Sets x-spacing between drops (px).
setLength(Number) Sets drop length (px).
setInterval(Number) Sets y-spacing between drops (px).
setSpeed(Number) Sets rain speed factor.
setColor(hex string) Sets rain color.