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WDI PROJECT 1 - Gareth Gomersall

Duck Hunt

The retro game of duck hunt is back, but with a slight twist. The ducks don't die, and there is no dog that sniggers at you when your score is a bit rubbish, oh yeah and it's two player!

This game is playable in a web browser, but unfortunately it has not been rendered for mobile devices.

You can play the game online at

![]( =500x)


This game requires two players (or if you want you can just play both turns on your own)

Players one takes to the stage where he has to shoot the ducks and try and get as many points as possible. After player ones game has ended it will be player twos turn to try and beat his opponent.

At the end of both players turns, a winner will be announced and you will have the chance to challenge each other again if you wish. You might want to as the game is quite addictive.

Libraries and languages used:

  • GreenSock (for animation)
  • jQuery and Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Google Fonts