Scala classes for directed and undirected graphs, along with some basic graph coloring code.
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The Graph Package

A set of classes for defining and coloring graphs written in scala.


  • /
    • src/
      • main/scala -- Scala source files for deployment
        • net/naegling/graph/ -- The graph-related classes
          • coloring/ -- Graph coloring library
        • net/naegling/apps/ -- Things that can be invoked from the command line
      • test/scala -- Scala source files for testing
        • net/naegling/graph/ -- Tests for graph-related classes
          • coloring/ -- Tests for graph coloring library
    • lib/ -- Third-party libraries required by this project
    • build.sbt -- The sbt build definition file for this file
    • project/
      • build.sbt -- sbt metaconfiguration (just adds the start script plugin
      • -- sbt metaconfiguration to specify the sbt version
    • lib/ -- Third-party libraries required by this project

Note that we are using unmanaged dependencies in the lib directory rather than pulling from sbt. This is to simplify setup for eclipse users, as eclipse sbt support is still rather fiddly to get right.

Getting Started

To build the classes: sbt clean compile stage

To build the documents: sbt doc (documents will go in target/scala-2.9.2/api/net/naegling/graph/package.html)

To test that the classes are working properly: sbt test