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Invalid UserJID when using email as user login. #14

tlyng opened this Issue · 6 comments

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If Plone is setup to use the user email as login name the getUserJID fails:

Module jarn.xmpp.core.subscribers.user_management, line 33, in onUserCreation
Module jarn.xmpp.core.settings, line 21, in getUserJID
Module twisted.words.protocols.jabber.jid, line 137, in init
Module twisted.words.protocols.jabber.jid, line 65, in parse
Module twisted.words.protocols.jabber.jid, line 95, in prep
InvalidFormat: Invalid character in hostname

A possible solution is to transform the @ in principal_id to something that is not causing an invalid hostname for JID


Ah yes. Feel free to fix it as you suggest and I will merge it.
However I am aware of the problem but was waiting to get the time to do external authentication of ejabberd through plone.
There is a branch already (ejabberd_extauth) where I have started doing that but do not have time atm to complete it.
This has other advantages:
You would not need to store a db of user passwords.
You could login to ejabberd with your plone password.
If you are interested in working on it, I am more than happy to walk you through the logic and what's there already. Poke me on irc ;)


I'll try to work on patch some time next week. Having ejabberd authenticate against Plone seems like a much better alternative as the solution at this day is kinda limited (compared to the advanced software stack it actually requires).


Another solution is to html-encode the user ids. This will make ejabberd happy.


Indeed! XEP-0106 is there for ejabberd, but not for strophe. Care to hunt it down at ?


Should be handled by #28

@ggozad ggozad closed this
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