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jarn.xmpp.twisted provides a basis for building XMPP applications with Plone.

In short, jarn.xmpp.twisted includes:

  • Extensions to the wokkel package by implementing parts of the following XMPP extensions:
  • A Twisted reactor that runs side-by-side with the Zope instance.
  • Utilities that provide XMPP clients of two sorts, a deferred client that initially connects, executes a task and disconnects as soon as it is done, as well as a normal client that remains connected and can respond to XMPP events.
  • An XMPP component base class for writing custom components.

jarn.xmpp.twisted is part of a suite, with the other packages being:

  • jarn.xmpp.core, provides facilities for presence, messaging, chatting and microblogging.
  • jarn.xmpp.collaboration provides an XMPP protocol to do real-time collaborative editing as well as a Plone-targeted implementation.


jarn.xmpp.twisted requires a working XMPP server installation. Please refer to the jarn.xmpp.core documentation on how to set it up.


Some of the included tests are functional tests that require a XMPP server running on localhost as well as an administrator account setup up on this server with JID admin@localhost and password admin. If you wish to run those you have to specify a level 2 on your testrunner, i.e.

./bin/test -a 2 -s jarn.xmpp.twisted


  • Most of this work was done using the 10% time available to Jarn AS employees for the development of open-source projects.
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