A Jekyll plugin that generates photo galleries from directories full of images.
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Gallery Generator

This is a Jekyll plugin that generates galleries from directories full of images. It uses RMagick to create thumbnails.

This plugin is quite minimalist. It generates galleries with no pagination, no sub-galleries, and no descriptions. See my gallery for an example of what it looks like.

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  1. Install the jekyll-gallery-generator gem, either by running gem install jekyll-gallery-generator or by adding gem 'jekyll-gallery-generator' to your Gemfile and running bundle.

  2. Add jekyll-gallery-generator to the gems list in your _config.yml:

    - jekyll-gallery-generator
  3. Copy your image directories into jekyll-site/photos/. Here's what my directory structure looks like:

    $ ls jekyll-site/photos
    best/          chile_trip/  japan_trip/
    $ ls jekyll-site/photos/chile_trip
    IMG_1039.JPG  IMG_1046.JPG  IMG_1057.JPG
  4. Run jekyll build and be patient. It can take a while to generate all the thumbnails on the first run. After that, you should have pretty pictures.


Install dependencies on OS X

brew install imagemagick
gem install rmagick exifr


This plugin reads several config options from _config.yml. The following options are supported (default settings are shown):

  dir: photos               # Path to the gallery
  symlink: false            # false: copy images into _site. true: create symbolic links (saves disk space)
  title: "Photos"           # Title for gallery index page
  title_prefix: "Photos: "  # Title prefix for gallery pages. Gallery title = title_prefix + gallery_name
  sort_field: "date_time"   # How to sort galleries on the index page.
                            # Possible values are: title, date_time, best_image
    x: 400                  # max width of thumbnails (in pixels)
    y: 400                  # max height of thumbnails (in pixels)
  # The following options are for individual galleries.
      best_image: IMG_1068.JPG  # The image to show on the gallery index page. Defaults to the last image.
      best_image: IMG_0690.JPG
      name: "日本の旅"       # Defaults to directory name, replacing _ with spaces & capitalizing words.
      best_image: snaileo_gonzales.jpg
      sort_reverse: true    # Reverse sort images in gallery.
      hidden: true          # Don't show this gallery on the index page. People must guess the URL.

Overriding layouts

If you want to customize the templates used by this generator, copy gallery_index.html and gallery_page.html to your Jekyll site's _layouts:

cp lib/gallery_index.html jekyll-site/_layouts/
cp lib/gallery_page.html jekyll-site/_layouts/