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Development status: Not at all ready. Don't even try to use this.

Arthur: The subject's mind can always trace the genesis of the idea. True inspiration is impossible to fake.
Cobb: That's not true.

Do you remember how you discovered your favorite websites? Was it from a search result? A friend's tweet? A popular blog? A news site? Often, the mind forgets these things. Fortunately, Google Chrome does not. This extension lets you find out how you discovered a web page.

Inspired by this blog post and Vannevar Bush's 1946 essay, As We may Think

This extension becomes more useful over time. The more trails there are, the more likely one will come in handy.

What about links from IM clients, IRC, etc?
Yeah it's hard to keep track of those with a browser extension. Unless Chrome adds a referring application to chrome.history, I'm not going to support it.