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Glob patterns don't work inside directories #100

chetan opened this Issue · 20 comments

The following pattern inside .gitignore doesn't work: log/*.log; while this works fine: *.log. I created a small test repo to display the issue:


Thanks for the repo. I can reproduce. I'm pretty sure I know where the problem is, but it'll probably be a few days before I have the time to dive into this.


Probably related, but even something like log/log.log does not work.


Confirmed. Looks like the method filename_ignore_search() only takes the filename portion as a param and not the full (relative?) path as well. Updated my test repo.


Yeah... my bad. I'm pretty busy now, but I will be not-busy starting October 30th. I'll definitely get to this then.


Ok, try master now.


Fix looks good for the original issues. Another small variation is if you only specify a subdir, e.g., log or log/, it won't match unless you add a glob pattern like log/*. I updated the test repo to reflect this.


Bleh. I had a return value wrong. Everything should work now.


looks good!

@chetan chetan closed this


I discovered another bug while fixing this, but most people won't notice it and the current fix kills performance. I'll have to think of a different solution before merging a fix into master.


@ggreer does it have anything to do with processing ignore files found in subdirectories? :)

@SethTisue SethTisue referenced this issue in petdance/ack2

See if we can somehow use .gitignore #28


Huh. June 2015 and I'm still seeing this bug. A gitignore with log/*.log does not work; that is, ag returns results from the ignored log files. If I change that to just log/ or log, it works correctly. There's no leading slash problem (Issue #285). Just installed the latest copy of ag via homebrew. Any ideas why I still might be seeing this?


Same here... on linux with latest build.


+1, .gitignore has no effect on search results


+1 on OSX, version 0.30.0


+1, OSX, 0.30.0


+1, OSX, 0.30.0
It has some effects but many expanding patterns are not working as expected.


Same error occurs with ag version 0.30.0.

@f1sherman f1sherman added a commit to f1sherman/dotfiles that referenced this issue
@f1sherman f1sherman work around ggreer/the_silver_searcher#100 353c7d7

I'm seeing the same issue with 0.30.0 installed via homebrew.

Note that the trailing .log in @aeonaut's example isn't causing the problem. I'm seeing the same issue with a pattern like build/*. ag respects build/ but ignores build/*.


This issue appears to be present in 0.31.0 from homebrew on OS X 10.11.1.


I just ran into the same issue as @jamesgecko

@rglassett rglassett added a commit to rglassett/dotfiles that referenced this issue
@rglassett rglassett Work around ggreer/the_silver_searcher#100 179f2eb
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