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Add option to suppress line numbers output #147

rev112 opened this Issue February 10, 2013 · 1 comment

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Anton Ovchinnikov
Anton Ovchinnikov

What about adding option (like '--no-numbers' ) to disable line numbers output?

For example, you want to search for something in the form of "double ag":
$ ag <smth> | ag <smth2>

But if 'smth2' is a number, it may collide with line numbers from first 'ag' output.

Anton Ovchinnikov rev112 referenced this issue from a commit in rev112/the_silver_searcher February 10, 2013
Anton Ovchinnikov Add --no-numbers option. This fixes #147. 07c693d
Anton Ovchinnikov rev112 closed this February 10, 2013
Anton Ovchinnikov

Moved all the stuff to pull request here: #148

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