Ag (0.23.0) no longer respects .gitignore for files not in the root directory #442

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With a simple file pattern like *.pyc in a gitignore, ag (at least when searching filenames with -g) now only ignores files in the root directory, but not in child directories. I believe this is new with 0.23.0, but i'm not sure. I recently updated packages via homebrew so I assume this change was part of that.

Here is an example:

 ~/tmp>  ls
subdir   x.pyc
 ~/tmp> ls subdir  y.pyc
 ~/tmp> cat .gitignore
 ~/tmp> ag -g x
 ~/tmp> ag -g y
 ~/tmp> ag --version
ag version 0.23.0

The expected behavior is that "subdir/y.pyc" would also be ignored, as I believe used to be the case.


jkdf2 commented Jul 20, 2014

This appears to have been a problem for a while now. See issue #385

It's fixed in version 0.24!

ggreer added the ignore label Sep 26, 2014


theospears commented Oct 8, 2014

Also appears fixed for me, reopen if you are still seeing this

theospears closed this Oct 8, 2014

oh yeah I'm not, it was fixed as mentioned. thanks!

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