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[ack] support for printing files that would be searched #447

macmenot opened this Issue Jul 16, 2014 · 1 comment

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ack has a very useful feature for listing out the files that would be searched by the chosen --filetype option - also taking into account any ignored VCS files etc. This was a useful feature for piping into xargs or using to automatically generate a file listing to pass into cscope or ctags. It would be wonderful if ag could support the same feature.

-f  Only print the files that would be searched, without actually doing any
    searching. PATTERN must not be specified, or it will be taken as a path
    to search.

Use -f for working with big codesets
  Ack does more than search files.  "ack -f --perl" will create a list of 
  all the Perl files in a tree, ideal for sending into xargs.
ggreer commented Nov 14, 2014


@ggreer ggreer closed this Nov 14, 2014
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