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No up-to-date builds on PPA #96

5long opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I just met Ag a few days ago and it is awesome.

Problem is, the binaries on is outdated and I really wanna introduce Ag to my collegues and we're adopting Ubuntu 12.04 as dev sandbox.

I guess I could just build .deb myself but it's really nice to have up-do-date official binaries for this popular distro.

Thanks again for the great work.


I am 5long's colleague, and Ag is cool. And it's nice to have up-do-date binaries on ~


I'll probably get around to this tonight.


I wasted an evening on this. It looks like the launchpad build servers ran out of disk space.


Bummer. Guess they might be busy preparing the 12.10 release now.


I've deleted my PPA. If you want Ag on Ubuntu, build from source.

Building packages for PPAs is a horrible ordeal. I have to wait an hour for any feedback on whether my build succeeded or not. Often, build failures are Launchpad's fault. Their build slaves run out of disk space. They have improperly-configured apt sources. Also, debuild is needlessly complicated. I just want to run, but debuild forces me to write a makefile that runs debhelper scripts that run autotools, configure, make, etc.

I've spent days fucking with these things. It's frustrating, mind-numbing, soul-crushing. I have better things to do.

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