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Represents a shell command and provides a means to run and redirect the output of a shell command.

let command = ShellCommand()
try["/bin/echo", "hello", "world"])
// Run the next command in /somewhere/else
command.currentDirectoryPath = "/somewhere/else""echo \"hi there\" > a_file")[ "cat", "/somewhere/else/a_file" ])

// Implement your own class, or use CapturedIO, to catch what's sent to
// "writeMessage" = CapturedIO()
try["/usr/bin/git", "add", "-A"])
try["/usr/bin/git", "commit", "-m", "Broke everything"])
print( "git said: \(io.stuout)" )

Pass run a String and it'll run it with bash:

// Send "hello world" to STDERR
try"echo \"hello world\" >&2")

Pass run a [String] and it'll run the command directly:

// Send scary characters to STDOUT without shell interpolation
try["/bin/echo", "hello", "; rm /* @%&()##$$ scary!"])
// Outputs: hello ; rm /* @%&()##$$ scary!

Run one-offs with convenient static methods:

// Initialize and call run with a single string. Command is passed to
// /bin/bash -c. Handy both for shorthand and for redirects.
try"echo \"hello world!\" > /tmp/somefile")

// This will send to STDERR.
try"echo \"hello world!\" >&2")

// Add a custom ConsoleIOProtocol object to capture output
let output = CapturedIO()
try"echo \"hello world!\" >&2", io: output)
print( output.stderr ) // Prints "hello world!"

Developed for and tested on MacOS and Linux.


This is a Swift Package Manager (SPM) package. Include this is your SPM file:

.package(url: "", from: "1.0.0"),

Then import ShellCommand at the top of your file.

import ShellCOmmand"echo \"Hello World!\"")


Get the source

git clone
swift package update
swift package generate-xcodeproj

And install sourcery if you don't already have it.


open -a ShellCommand.xcodeproj


swift test

Make tests for Linux and commit

git commit

See Also

SwiftShell. SwiftCommand handles things a little differently and is a bit lighter-weight.