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History Node

This is a history app that will serve as a platform for guided tours and multimedia delivery. Intended for use by parks and historical sites.

Technology Used

  • Angular 1.x: The production ready version of Angular
  • Angular UI Router: Until Angular 2.x is in Beta, UI Router is my favorite front end router.
  • Ruby on Rails 4
  • Bootstrap
  • Material Design for Bootstrap


  • Push app to Heroku
  • Add images to walks
    • Set one image from walk to cover image
  • Fix route handling on manual page load
  • Build tour page of tiles
    • Add artist field
    • Add Year field
    • Add Ex number to each exhibit
  • Build individual Exhibit page
    • Add audio player to page
    • Get SoundCloud API account
    • Add Audio Stream from Soundcloud
  • Rails Back-End
    • Setup DB and design schemas
    • Setup controller to link db and front-end
    • Design content input page
  • Get Postgres Branch into master
    • [ ]

Feature Roadmap

  • UI/UX touchup
    • Set audio to pause on page change
    • Set audio to autoplay on load
    • Add loading message to audio player on load
    • Add return to collection button
    • Set swipe left and right to page between tour items
    • Add slide-in animation for page change between tour items.
  • Add content
    • Add audio content for Internet Meme Collection
    • Add Animals Riding Animals collection
    • Add Balboa Park Content


Code licensed under the MIT License.

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