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Block This - a DNS based Ad Blocker for Android

Copyright (C) 2015-2017 Sava Georgiev. This program is free software.

You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.0.

For more information on Licensing - please read the License file located in the repository.


Block This is a DNS/VPN based ad blocking & privacy app for Android, that blocks malicious or unwanted internet content by filtering DNS requests and redirecting them to (localhost). It uses a dummy VPN client in order to go around the restrictions in Android and change the DNS settings without having root access. The backend behind the app is a DNS based on PowerDNS - an open source DNS management software working with MySQL as a datasource.


If you wish to join the development please drop in a comment at or email me at

Alternatively, you can just make a pull request here.


To get the latest release of Block This, go to:

The main logic that blocks the host names is contained within your own DNS server. You can setup one using PDNS ( Once this is done, add the following in your app/src/main/assets/ file. For testing the app you can use any valid DNS address (e.g., but ofcourse using a public DNS will not block any ads.


If you wish to run it locally and want to use fabric ( for issue tracking you will have to create your own app/ file containing the following (optional):


In order for "Games" support section from the menu to work you can register with AppNext ( and get an Api Key. Once this is done, add it to your app/src/main/assets/ file (optional):



If you wish to join the conversation, please visit our official forums at:

or the Google+ community at:


I created the app for my own convenience as I needed a privacy and ad blocking solution for my Android device, which I did not want to root. The app worked so well for me that I decided to put it on the Play Store. It had a huge success with almost 1 million downloads in just 2 months, but then it was taken down by Google. It is now hosted on my website as an APK. I open source it with the hope to get further developed and supported by the community.


For any questions or feedback you can contact me at or email me at

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