Inforfinder is a tool to collect information of any domains pointing at some server (ip, domain, range, file). Is able to detect all domains pointing to an IP address and detect CMS version installed in a web (Wordpress, Joomla, prestashop, etc), also is able to detect PHP version, Web Server version, Plesk version...
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Inforfinder is a tool made to collect information of any domain pointing at a server (ip,domain,range,file).

Requires python libs: pyRequests and pyDNS

-First, you need to install complementary libraries:

user@machine$ sudo apt-get install python-dns python-dnspython python-requests python-lxml python


    pip install  pydns
pip install requests --upgrade
    pip install  lxml

-Then Download "inforfinder"

-The next step is to run "": python --help

Find more information on how to use this app:

 InforFinder v1.0.9 Powered By GGUsoft 2017

 Powered By GGUsoft 2017


 -d <dominio>				Gets a domain for apply any optional commands

 -dD <dominio>				Gets a domain list hosted in IP of the specified domain

 -dI <IP>				Gets a domain list hosted in the specified IP 

 -dR <IP inicio> <IP fin>		Gets a domain list hosted in every IP of the specified range

 -dF <file>				Gets a list with all domains hosted at same IP from a file, the file contens a IP by line


 inforfinder <command> -cms			Checks if every domain found has a cms website (wordpress, joomla ,etc) and show version

 inforfinder <command> -servinfo		Checks web server parameters

 inforfinder <command> --subdomain-enum          Lists subdomains of every domain found