My awesome color scheme for the Vim text editor. ABANDONED PROJECT!
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Ninja Color Scheme (Abandoned)

Check out Static instead!

Preview 1

Preview 2


This color scheme is meant to be used with graphical Vim or under a 256 colors terminal. Pretty much everything looks exactly the same under both.

Under 8 or 16 color terminals very few colors are changed from the default color scheme but it's still an improvement and good if you want a consistent look under all different environments.


Download the ninja.vim file and put it in ~/.vim/colors/ and run :colorscheme ninja within Vim (add line to ~/.vimrc or ~/.gvimrc if you want the setting to stick).

Ninja works great with Pathogen so if you are already using it you then you can put this whole Git repository under ~/.vim/bundle for a hassle free installation.


The file Extras/Terminal.png contains a screenshot that can be used to easily change the colors in using the color picker. I use the "Pro" profile as a starting point and then i disable bold fonts, enable bright colors for bold text and then i change the bright colors using the image.


If you think i should change something just email me at gustafsson.g at with specific highlight group(s) and color(s). Preferably attach a screenshot of the modification so i can easily see it.