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Collect all the Stars 2

This sample demonstrates how to use the Snapshots feature to save game data. It signs the user into Google Play Game Services ("GPGS"), synchronizes his or her data from a named Snapshot, and then updates the UI to reflect the game state saved in the Snapshot.


Follow these steps to set up the sample:

  1. Update the package name in AndroidManifest.xml to be something other than com.google.example.games.catt2.
  2. Modify your app folder structure to match your package name.
  3. Replace the package name in MainActivity.java. Note that the package name must be unique; otherwise, the API console cannot link your app correctly.
  4. Create your project in the Google Play Developer Console.
  5. Link your app.
  6. Copy the APP ID from the console into CollectAllTheStars/values/ids.xml.


  1. Sign in. Upon success, the Play Games toast appears.
  2. Make changes to the game state by selecting stars.
  3. Sign out. The game UI resets.
  4. Sign back in with your account. The game UI reflects the saved game state.