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The feature support, split by release, is expected as follows:

V. 0.1 Support for all base band Delta Sigma topologies. Continuous time and discrete time.

V. 0.2 Support for Quadrature modulators.

V. 0.4 LC topologies.

V. 0.3 HBF and PIS set calculation.


The conversion will be performed according to the following steps:

  1. MATLAB/Python conversion

  2. Convert the M-files to Python, whenever possible, to have several Python modules providing a 1:1 replacement of the original MATLAB functions.

  3. Whenever possible keep the exact function signatures, return values and default parameters.

  4. Have a working unit test developed at the same time as each function.

  5. Have documentation developed at the same time as each function.

  6. Do not address the C Matlab EXtension (C MEX) files at this stage.

  7. C MEX / Cython conversion and other Cython files

  8. For those modules which need to be implemented in C as a Cython extension, look into a possible Cython implementation.

  9. Have fun.