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GHUnit Maintained Build Status Cocoa Pod Cocoa Pod License

GHUnit is deprecated and not actively maintained! Use XCTest instead.

GHUnit is a test framework for Mac OS X and iOS. It can be used standalone or with other testing frameworks like SenTestingKit or GTM.

If you need support for asynchronous tests you might want to check out GRUnit which is a recent fork of this project.


  • Run tests, breakpoint and interact directly with the Xcode Debugger.
  • Run from the command line or via a Makefile.
  • Run tests in parallel.
  • Allow testing of UI components.
  • Capture and display test metrics.
  • Search and filter tests by keywords.
  • View logging by test case.
  • Show stack traces and useful debugging information.
  • Include as a framework in your projects
  • Determine whether views have changed (UI verification)
  • Quickly approve and record view changes
  • View image diff to see where views have changed

Install (iOS)

Install the GHUnit gem

$ gem install ghunit

Install the Tests target

This will edit your ProjectName.xcodeproj file and create a Tests target, scheme, and a sample test file.

$ ghunit install -n ProjectName

Add the Tests target to your Podfile

Create a new file named Podfile in the directory that contains the your .xcodeproj file, or edit it if it already exists.

# Podfile
platform :ios, '6.0'

target :Tests do
	pod 'GHUnit', '~> 0.5.9'

Install your project's pods. CocoaPods will then download and configure the required libraries for your project:

$ pod install

Note: If you don't have a Tests target in your project, you will get an error: "[!] Unable to find a target named Tests". If you named your test target something different, such as "ProjectTests" then the Podfile target line should look like: target :ProjectTests do instead.

You should use the .xcworkspace file to work on your project:

$ open ProjectName.xcworkspace

Install Command Line

$ ghunit install_cli -n ProjectName

Install ios-sim using homebrew:

$ brew install ios-sim

Now you can run tests from the command line:

$ ghunit run -n ProjectName

Add a test

To generate a test in your test target with name SampleTest:

$ ghunit add -n ProjectName -f SampleTest

Install (From Source)


cd Project-iOS && make

Add the GHUnitIOS.framework to your project


cd Project-MacOSX && make

Add the GHUnit.framework to your project




Mac OS X