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Release 0.4.26

  • Fixing LLVM/clang warnings (Whitney Young, nolanw)
  • GHAssertNotEqualStrings will allow for nils (Rusty Zarse)
  • Build warnings under 10.6 (MacOSX); (zykloid)
  • Better error handling on JUnit XML results writing (zykloid)
  • GHAsyncTestCase#runForInterval (Adapted from Robert Palmer, pauseForTimeout)

Release 0.4.25

  • Set DEPLOYMENT_POSTPROCESSING (MacOSX); So breakpointing doesn't warn about missing symbols

Release 0.4.24

  • Moved build settings into xcconfig (MacOSX)
  • Striping linked build

Release 0.4.21

  • Moved build settings into xcconfig (iPhone)
  • Flexible layouts; Works in iPad as universal app

Release 0.4.20

  • Fix armv6/armv7 device build setting

Release 0.4.19

  • Fix autorun env on iPhone
  • Added re-run test (experimental!)
  • Test log viewer (iPhone)
  • Showing time in tests vs time running

Release 0.4.18

  • Fixing test stats on parallel running
  • Adding reraiseException options (MacOSX)
  • Adding env var support for reraise and autorun (see README)
  • Smaller font size for test view (iPhone)
  • Show filename/line number in trace on failure
  • Show link to exception filename on failure (MacOSX)
  • Fix bug where test trace/log doesn't update if selected before running

Release 0.4.17

  • Fixing disabled on new test bug
  • Fixing bugs with All/Failed/Edit views not showing tests properly (MacOSX)

Release 0.4.16

  • Fixing hidden tests bug

Release 0.4.15

  • Text filter (MacOSX)
  • Text filter now searches test case and test names (prefix)
  • Failed filter (MacOSX/iPhone)
  • Copy text in text view (MacOSX)
  • Remember test state

Release 0.4.14

  • Fix window resizing when showing details
  • Adding test for 0 found test cases

Release 0.4.13

  • Fixing framework build: Header error and 32/64 bit universal (MacOSX)
  • Fixing SenTest macros not failing correctly
  • Fixing persist of test enabled/disabled state
  • Fixing SenTest macros

Release 0.4.12

  • Fixing compile warning in main (iPhone)

Release 0.4.11

  • Added value formatter (from; For better Assert error messages.
  • Fixed deprecation warning (iPhone)
  • Added default exception handler to give stack trace if triggered outside of GHUnit run

Release 0.4.10

  • Added Search Bar
  • Added GHTestSuite#suiteWithPrefix:options

Release 0.4.9

  • Fix compile warning

Release 0.4.8

  • Fix bug with turning Parallel off not working
  • Building 32/64 bit universal

Release 0.4.7

  • Removing redirect, was a bad idea; Test output goes to stderr, you can redirect stdout yourself

Release 0.4.6

  • Redirecting test output to file
  • Test output does OK/FAIL
  • Disabled tests appear gray (MacOSX)
  • UI fixes

Release 0.4.5 (2008-07-21)

  • Including GHUnitIPhoneAppDelegate so you can subclass and interact with UIApplication delegate in tests

Release 0.4.4 (2008-07-20)

  • Ignore disable/cancelled tests in scroll (iPhone)
  • Only start group test (notify) if we have tests to run

Release 0.4.3 (2008-07-20)

  • When running test on main thread should wait until finished
  • Auto scrolls to middle instead of bottom (iPhone)

Release 0.4.2 (2008-07-19)

  • Fixing run warning

Release 0.4.1 (2008-07-18)

  • Option to use NSOperationQueue to manage tests runs
  • Updated how test groups run
  • Handling failure in setUpClass/tearDownClass
  • Updated how shouldRunOnMainThread works
  • Added Edit UI for Mac OSX tests
  • Bug fixes and other refactoring

Release 0.3.19 (2008-06-15)

  • Fixed bug in Edit->Save crash (iPhone)
  • Tweaking test text color (iPhone)
  • Re-run crash
  • Added reset to GHTest protocol
  • Added testDidUpdate: to GHTestDelegate protocol
  • On Edit->Save, triggers reset
  • Added cancel to GHTest protocol
  • Added cancelling, cancelled enums to test status
  • Changed testDidFinish to testDidEnd (since test may be cancelled)

Release 0.3.18 (2008-06-15)

  • Adding Run button; By default tests do not automatically run on start
  • Added AutoRun setting

Release 0.3.17 (2008-06-09)

  • Updating

Release 0.3.16 (2008-06-09)

  • Rebuilding from 3.0 GM
  • Setting debug variables in main directly instead of from setenv (which doesn't seem to work)

Release 0.3.14 (2008-06-08)

  • Creating separate iPhone 3.0 builds

Release 0.3.12 (2008-05-25)

  • Creating iPhone static library with device and simulator platforms

Release 0.3.11 (2008-05-20)

  • Fixing version number
  • Creating separate version with CoreLocation linked

Release 0.3.10 (2008-05-20)

  • Fix namespace issue

Release 0.3.9 (2008-05-19)


  • 3.0 compatibility fixes
  • Added GHUITestCase
  • Added shouldRunOnMainThread to test case, and if present and YES will run the tests on the main thread


  • (iPhone) Added select/deselect to iPhone test UI
  • (iPhone) Fixed auto-scroll if you manually scroll (will stop auto-scrolling)

Release 0.3.8 (2008-04-28)


  • Removed button enabled cell from Mac OS X view; Makes NSOutlineView really slow; Need to figure out how to do it right

Release 0.3.7 (2008-04-26)


  • CLLocationManager mock
  • Fixed afterDelay not using delay value
  • Select/unselect (ignore) tests in Mac OSX view
  • Added initWithTestSuite to GHTestApp for custom suites from test main


  • Adding ability to set run loops in async test case
  • Adding more methods to NSURLConnection mock

Release 0.3.6 (2008-04-13)


  • Adding swizzle methods for mocking
  • Adding NSLocale mock
  • Adding NSURLConnection, NSHTTPURLResponse mocks
  • Fix bug with setUpClass/tearDownClass not working for single command line tests
  • Setting Installation Directory to @rpath (Thanks chapados), so you can embed the framework with your app
  • Sorting tests by class name (as well as method name)

Release 0.3.4 (2009-04-11)


  • Added Doxygen support


  • Added GHAsyncTestCase for asynchronous tests (seems really complex :/, might have gone mental on it)
  • Supporting streaming logging with GHTestLog(...)
  • GHUNIT_VERSION from xcconfig in Info plists and shown in test GUI
  • Mocks for NSURLConnection and NSHTTPURLResponse
  • Added setUpClass/tearDownClass for GHTestCase
  • Added currentSelector property for GHTestCase

Release 0.3.3 (2009-04-08)


  • Removed GTMLogger and GHLogger; Not used in Release and potentially can conflict with project logging with iPhone static library

Release 0.3.2 (2009-04-05)


  • Building as static library for iPhone
  • Adding in support for running single test case or test

Release 0.3.1


  • Renamed TEST_CLI to GHUNIT_CLI
  • Removing main from target; Projects should specify their own test target main.
  • Added test for special registered test case classes


  • Renamed Examples/MyTestable to MyTestable-IPhone


  • Commented a bunch of the code
  • Renamed GHTestUtils to GHTesting
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