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GHUnit is a test framework for Mac OS X and iOS. It can be used standalone or with other testing frameworks like SenTestingKit or GTM.


  • Run tests, breakpoint and interact directly with the XCode Debugger.
  • Run from the command line or via a Makefile.
  • Run tests in parallel.
  • Allow testing of UI components.
  • Capture and display test metrics.
  • Search and filter tests by keywords.
  • View logging by test case.
  • Show stack traces and useful debugging information.
  • Include as a framework in your projects
  • Determine whether views have changed (UI verification)
  • Quickly approve and record view changes
  • View image diff to see where views have changed

Install (iOS)

Install the GHUnit gem

$ gem install ghunit

Install the Tests target

This will edit your ProjectName.xcodeproj file and create a Tests target, scheme, and a sample test file.

$ ghunit install -n ProjectName

Add the Tests target to your Podfile

Create a new file named Podfile in the directory that contains the your .xcodeproj file, or edit it if it already exists.

# Podfile
platform :ios, '6.0'

target :Tests do
    pod 'GHUnit', '~> 0.5.9'

Install your project's pods. CocoaPods will then download and configure the required libraries for your project:

$ pod install

Note: If you don't have a Tests target in your project, you will get an error: "[!] Unable to find a target named Tests". If you named your test target something different, such as "ProjectTests" then the Podfile target line should look like: target :ProjectTests do instead.

You should use the .xcworkspace file to work on your project:

$ open ProjectName.xcworkspace

Install Command Line

$ ghunit install_cli -n ProjectName

Install ios-sim using homebrew:

$ brew install ios-sim

Now you can run tests from the command line:

$ ghunit run -n ProjectName

Add a test

To generate a test in your test target with name SampleTest:

$ ghunit add -n ProjectName -f SampleTest

Install (From Source)


cd Project-iOS && make

Add the GHUnitIOS.framework to your project


cd Project-MacOSX && make

Add the GHUnit.framework to your project




Mac OS X


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