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Code coverage does not work with GHUNIT_AUTOEXIT #148

dodikk opened this Issue Jan 23, 2014 · 4 comments

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dodikk commented Jan 23, 2014
Steps :
  1. Set up coverage flags as described in
  2. Apply the flush() patch
  3. Set ghunit environment as shown below and run the application
    setenv("GHUNIT_AUTORUN" , "YES", 1);
    setenv("WRITE_JUNIT_XML", "YES", 1);
    setenv("GHUNIT_AUTOEXIT", "YES", 1);
Acutal result :

Coverage files not generated ( shows nothing)

Expected result :
Coverage files generated successfully in the "build intermediates" directory
dodikk commented Jan 23, 2014

When disabling GHUNIT_AUTOEXIT flag and closing the simulator using the "home button" coverage files are generated just fine

dodikk commented Jan 23, 2014

The patch uses a UIApplicationDidEnterBackgroundNotification notification.

Either the notification should be fired or __gcov_flush() should be invoked on GHUNIT_AUTOEXIT condition.
Implementation approach :

dodikk commented Jan 24, 2014

Fixed in #149
Please merge


Hi, pls, I am wondering to know when it will be merged.


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