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Today I ran into an issue with some tests failing when run from the command line. My experience went something like this:

Hmm, according to this issue might be fixed in version 0.4.29. Awesome, I love active projects!
...Wait all I know is that someone checked in "GHUnitIOS.framework". Great now I need to go look at timestamps to try to figure out which release version that could possibly be, that's lame.
....Ok so I think this is version 0.4.28, unless they copied over an older version from some other project, I'll just hope for the best and check the commit log to see what has changed and if it is worth updating to try to fix this issue.
...Oh wait, now I'm back to comparing timestamps again to try to find all the commits since whatever day the downloads page says 0.4.28 was released.
This sucks, why is this so painful?

If you would be so kind as to tag versioned releases then I could grab that tag as a submodule, build the framework myself (though it would be great if it was included in the tagged revision), and only need to run git submodule to see exactly which versions of external libraries this project is using.

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Tags are created.

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