Support full width for iPad on test details pages #82

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I am quite often using GHUnit to test UI components by adding my components UIView to the window in setupClass and removing it in tearDownClass.

I have noticed that after running the tests, if I then tap a failed test to view the details of the failure, the text on the details page appears to be set to the width of the my components UIVIew. This is most noticeable when using the iPad simulator. Instead of the text being formatted 768points wide. It's perhaps 2 or 3 hundred.

I suspect that what ever controls the width of the text on this display is somehow reading the width of my component instead of the width of the main window.


Are you talking about the test details page? ( If this is what you're talking about I'll rename this ticket to "Support full width for iPad on test details pages"

This piece of UI was designed for the iPhone so it never displays full width on iPad.


yep that was it. thanks


Bump :-) Just downloaded 0.5.6

Any chance of a fix soon. I use iPad simulators a lot.

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I will close this issue. If it's not fixed in the current version please feel free to reopen this issue!

@x2on x2on closed this Mar 11, 2014
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