An ongoing comprehensive user.js template for configuring and hardening Firefox privacy, security and anti-fingerprinting
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A user.js is a configuration file that can control hundreds of Firefox settings. For a more technical breakdown and explanation, you can read more on the overview wiki page.

ghacks user.js

The ghacks user.js is a template which aims to provide as much privacy and enhanced security as possible, and to reduce tracking and fingerprinting as much as possible - while minimizing any loss of functionality and breakage (but it will happen).

Everyone, experts included, should at least read the implementation wiki page, as it contains important information regarding a few ghacks user.js settings.

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Literally thousands of sources, references and suggestions. That said...

  • Martin Brinkmann at ghacks 1
  • The ghacks community and commentators
  • 12bytes
    • The 12bytes article now uses this user.js and supplements it with an additonal JS hosted at GitLab

1 The ghacks user.js was an independent project by Thorin-Oakenpants started in early 2015 and was first published at ghacks in August 2015. With Martin Brinkmann's blessing, it will keep the ghacks name.

License: MIT