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GitHub Workflow for Alfred 3
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GitHub Workflow for Alfred 3


You can search through GitHub (gh) and your GitHub Enterprise instance (ghe).

You have to login (gh > login) before you can use the workflow. The login uses OAuth, so you do not have to enter your credentials.


Workflow Screenshot



In Alfred type (gh > login) to authenticate against your account. The login uses OAuth, so you do not have to enter your credentials.

For github enterprise

  1. In Alfred type (ghe > url
  2. Create a new Personal Access Token (ghe > generate token or It only needs access to your repos. Copy this token to your clipboard.
  3. In Alfred type (ghe > login <paste token here>)
  4. You can now ghe your_enterprise_repo_name

Key Combinations

Key Combination Action
enter Open entry in default browser
cmd + c Copy URL of the entry
cmd + enter Paste URL to front most app
shift or cmd + y Open URL in QuickLook


To search through your GitHub Enterprise instance replace gh by ghe.

Repo commands

  • gh user/repo
  • gh user/repo #123
  • gh user/repo @branch
  • gh user/repo *commit
  • gh user/repo /path/to/file
  • gh user/repo admin
  • gh user/repo clone
  • gh user/repo graphs
  • gh user/repo issues
  • gh user/repo milestones
  • gh user/repo network
  • gh user/repo new issue
  • gh user/repo new pull
  • gh user/repo projects
  • gh user/repo pulls
  • gh user/repo pulse
  • gh user/repo releases
  • gh user/repo wiki
  • gh user/repo projects

User commands

  • gh @user
  • gh @user overview
  • gh @user repositories
  • gh @user stars
  • gh @user gists

Search commands

  • gh s repo
  • gh s @user

"My" commands

  • gh my dashboard
  • gh my notifications
  • gh my profile
  • gh my issues
  • gh my issues created
  • gh my issues assigned
  • gh my issues mentioned
  • gh my pulls
  • gh my pulls created
  • gh my pulls assigned
  • gh my pulls mentioned
  • gh my pulls review requested
  • gh my repos
  • gh my settings
  • gh my stars
  • gh my gists

Workflow commands

  • gh > login
  • gh > logout
  • gh > delete cache
  • gh > delete database
  • gh > update
  • gh > activate autoupdate
  • gh > deactivate autoupdate
  • gh > help
  • gh > changelog
  • ghe > url (GitHub Enterprise only)
  • ghe > generate token (GitHub Enterprise only)
  • ghe > enterprise reset (GitHub Enterprise only)
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