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Erlang/OTP application for accessing Amazon S3
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erls3: an erlang wrapper for Amazon's S3 storage service

Initial Author:  Andrew Birkett <>
Author : Eric Cestari <>
Version: 0.3
Date:    2009/03/02

What is it?

Amazon's S3 storage service is a "pay as you go" service for storing
files.  You can use it to serve web content, backup your files, etc.

This s3erl library provides easy access to S3 for erlang applications.

More info at:

Do not use it to upload multiple Gb files. Everything is moved around in memory.
However it should behave pretty well under high load with moderately sized packets.


- OTP-R12B (released on 2007/12/05).  Required due to a bug in inets'
  handling of the HTTP 204 code [bug OTP-6982] which is heavily used by
  S3.  Get it at

- An Amazon Web Services account - see

- rake and ruby


Type rake.
The first time, you will need to edit erlang_config.rb.
Re-run rake

= Configuration = 

You'll need to set your credentials to Amazon SDB :
- by passing them as OTP application parameters or
- by setting the AMAZON_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AMAZON_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variable (recommended)

= TODO = 
- automatically retry in case of transient failure
- support ACL configuration
- Improve error handling
- Support for EU-based S3 buckets
- Support for streaming objects to/from disk (inets supports streaming
    to disk, but not from disk just now) (harder)
- Usage will probably show some bugs and their ugly faces.

Version History
v0.4 - 2009/03/02
  - added support for HEAD
  - Content-MD5 is implemented
  - x-amz-meta-* headers can be added.
  - implemented a simple POST policy file encoding.

v0.3 - 2009/03/02

  - imported into github
  - OTP'fied the code
  - http calls are now asynchronous
  - SSL supported

v0.2 - 2007/12/29

  - Fix timezone bug in Date: header

v0.1 - 2007/12/07

  - First release, "works for me" (tm)
  - Bucket operations: list, create, delete
  - Object operations: read, write, list, delete

 Missing features:


Released under the GNU General Public License v2.


Thanks for using github for patches.

From Eric to Andy
Thanks for the code mate !
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