An OSX Head-up Display for input sources
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isHUD - An OSX Head-up Display for input sources


As a multilanguage Mac OS X user, I use the default shortcut keys (Command+Space, Option+Command+Space) to switch between input sources. But when I press Option+Command+Space (Select the next input source), the system wild input source overlay doesn't appear. With the Lion's new cool stuff, fullscreen mode, it's inconvenient for me to check the current input source.

With isHUD, everytime you change the input source, a HUD will appear right in the middle of the screen, which means there's no more need to move your eye to check the input source.


Download the app binary

How to use

  • Just drag/move the into the Applications directory, open it as other app.
  • [New to v0.7] Double click the Fn key to show the HUD with the current selected input source.
  • [New to v0.7] Built-in support for using right Command or Option key to select input source. But you still have to use this feature together with the default system level hot key, which is Option+Command+Space.
  • Settings

Source code

System requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.6.x(Snow Leopard)+

Build environment

  • Mac OS X 10.7.2(Lion)
  • XCode 4.2


isHUD is licenced under the MIT license. So, feel free to use this utility and the source code.


If you like isHUD, or meet any problem, just send an email to . I'll make it better. BTW, I read Chinese, Japanese and English as well, if you write other than these languages, please translate the message before you send. Thank you!