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72bf3c9 @mholling Added some tests.
mholling authored May 21, 2009
1 require 'rubygems'
2 require 'active_support'
3 require 'action_controller'
c9be909 @mholling Tidied up spec helper. Added config.rb. Added custom exceptions. Adde…
mholling authored May 23, 2009
5 require 'subdomain_routes/config'
1803284 @mholling Finished all tests for domain-length based subdomain extraction.
mholling authored May 24, 2009
6 require 'subdomain_routes/split_host'
498c11c @mholling split some files up.
mholling authored May 26, 2009
7 require 'subdomain_routes/mapper'
8 require 'subdomain_routes/routes'
72bf3c9 @mholling Added some tests.
mholling authored May 20, 2009
9 require 'subdomain_routes/resources'
9b3bd8d @mholling Split URL writing and rewriting into separate files. Finished tests f…
mholling authored May 22, 2009
10 require 'subdomain_routes/url_writer'
99f172a @mholling Refactored subdomain regexp to a constant. Changed rewrite_subdomain_…
mholling authored May 28, 2009
11 require 'subdomain_routes/request'
ace8c3d @mholling Hooked into ActionMailer::Base to flush the subdomain procs when a ma…
mholling authored May 29, 2009
12 require 'subdomain_routes/validations'
21b8e32 @mholling Completed specs and code for assertions for subdomain route recogniti…
mholling authored Aug 13, 2009
13 require 'subdomain_routes/assertions'
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