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Deprecating STM invariant mechanism

.. proposal-number:: 11
.. trac-ticket:: `#14324 <>`_
.. implemented:: 8.6

The invariant-checking mechanism provided by GHC's stm library is buggy and appears to be largely unused. Let's remove it.

1   Motivation

GHC's STM subsystem has long had the ability to run user-specified invariant checks when committing transactions, embodied by the always and alwaysSucceeds functions of Control.Monad.STM.

However, if Hackage is any indication this feature has seen very little use of the past ten years. In fact, it has very likely been quite broken (see #14310) for this entire duration yet no one noticed. Moreover, the mechanism is likely mediocre at achieving its goal of catching broken invariants due to odd interleavings of transactions as its implementation is extremely sychronization-heavy. Additionally, the mechanism currently fails to handle some corner-cases correctly (#7930).

In short, the feature is complex, buggy, and not pulling its weight.

2   Proposed Change Specification

For GHC 8.4.1 we mark Control.Monad.STM.always and Control.Monad.STM.alwaysSucceeds with DEPRECATED pragmas. These interfaces will be removed three major releases later.

3   Effect and Interactions

This will allow us to remove the invariants implementation from the runtime system.

Current users of the interface have a few options to adapt their code to manually call invariant their checks where necessary.

4   Costs and Drawbacks

The removal of the interfaces will break any existing users.

5   Alternatives

Not removing the interface.

6   Unresolved questions

How many users does this interface have? Is it crucial to their programs' functions?

7   Implementation Plan

I, Ben Gamari, will implement this.