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# Running 'binary-dist' gives us a tree which
# isn't quite right for the purposes of creating
# a mingw/win32 install tree. This script rejigs
# the tree.
# To use:
# foo$ cd <top of fptools build tree>
# foo$ make binary-dist Project=GreenCard
# foo$ cd gc-<version>
# foo$ ../distrib/prep-bin-dist-mingw-greencard <ghc-dir>
echo "In prep-bin-dist-mingw-greencard $1"
# Play safe
if ! [ -d bin/i386-unknown-mingw32 ] ; then
echo "Doesn't look as if I'm in the toplevel directory of a mingw tree"
echo "Usage: cd ghc-<version> ; ../distrib/prep-bin-dist-mingw-greencard <ghc-bin-dist-dir>"
exit 1;
echo "rejig bin/"
cp lib/i386-unknown-mingw32/greencard-bin.exe $binary_dir/bin/greencard.exe
strip $binary_dir/bin/greencard.exe
echo "rejig lib/"
cp -r lib/i386-unknown-mingw32/* $binary_dir
exit 0
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