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This is the INSTALL instructions for a binary distribution of GHC. For
more details on what on earth this package is up to, please consult
This distribution can be installed in a location of your choosing.
To set the ball rolling, run the configure script (as usual, run the
script with --help to see what options it supports). eg. to set up
the package for installing in directory <my-dir>, use
./configure --prefix=<my-dir>
The default installation directory is /usr/local.
The configure script will figure out what platform you're running on,
and a couple of other interesting pieces of trivia, which it will then
fill in the template to give you a real Makefile. If
you're of a paranoid persuasion, you might want to take a look at this
Makefile to see if the information is correct.
Now run:
make install
(`make show-install-setup' prints the details of where the different
pieces of the bundle are heading when -- possibly helpful).
For more information, full GHC documentation is available from the
main GHC site:
Bug reports/suggestions for improvement to the installation
procedure/setup (as well as other GHC related troubles you're
experiencing, of course), gratefully received. Bug reporting
instructions are here:
-- The GHC Team.
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