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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* (c) The University of Glasgow 2002-2004
* Declarations for things defined in AutoApply.cmm
* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
#ifndef APPLY_H
#define APPLY_H
// canned slow entry points, indexed by arg type (ARG_P, ARG_PP, etc.)
#ifdef IN_STG_CODE
extern RTS_PRIVATE StgWord stg_ap_stack_entries[];
extern RTS_PRIVATE StgFun *stg_ap_stack_entries[];
// canned register save code for heap check failure in a function
#ifdef IN_STG_CODE
extern RTS_PRIVATE StgWord stg_stack_save_entries[];
extern RTS_PRIVATE StgFun *stg_stack_save_entries[];
#endif /* APPLY_H */
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