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GHC build system
This is the top-level directory of the fptools build system. Several
packages are part of this build system; if you got this as part of a
source distribution (eg. for GHC), then you will have one or more of
the following directories:
ghc The Glasgow Haskell Compiler
hslibs A Collection of Haskell libraries
haddock A Haskell documentation tool
haggis The Haggis GUI toolkit
happy The Happy Haskell parser generator
hdirect Haskell interop tool
greencard A foreign function interface pre-processor for Haskell.
libraries Haskell libraries (reqd. by ghc)
nofib The NoFib Haskell benchmarking suite
Additional documentation for each project can be found in its
respective directory.
In addition, the following directories contain project-independent bits:
mk GNU make setup used by all of fptools
glafp-utils Shared utility programs
docs Documentation on the installing and using
the fptools build system.
distrib Tools and additional bits for building distributions
Quick start: the following is *supposed* to work
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install
where 'make' is whatever GNU make is called on your system (GNU make
is *required*). If there are any other tools required for the build,
then the configure script will detect them and tell you if any are
missing. For example, a working GHC installation is required for
building most of the tools (including GHC itself).
The configuration script is a standard GNU autoconf script which
accepts all the normal arguments, eg. --prefix=<blah> to install the
package somewhere other than /usr/local. Try ./configure --help to
get a full list of the options.
There is usually an ANNOUNCE* file with any distribution. Please
consult that, or the <piece>/README file, to find out how to proceed.
Full documentation for the fptools build system can be found in the
Building Guide:
More information about GHC can be found here:
The GHC Team,
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