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[("GCC extra via C opts", "@GccExtraViaCOpts@"),
("C compiler command", "@SettingsCCompilerCommand@"),
("C compiler flags", "@SettingsCCompilerFlags@"),
("ar command", "@SettingsArCommand@"),
("ar flags", "@ArArgs@"),
("ar supports at file", "@ArSupportsAtFile@"),
("touch command", "@SettingsTouchCommand@"),
("dllwrap command", "@SettingsDllWrapCommand@"),
("windres command", "@SettingsWindresCommand@"),
("perl command", "@SettingsPerlCommand@"),
("target os", "@HaskellTargetOs@"),
("target arch", "@HaskellTargetArch@"),
("target word size", "@WordSize@"),
("target has GNU nonexec stack", "@HaskellHaveGnuNonexecStack@"),
("target has subsections via symbols", "@HaskellHaveSubsectionsViaSymbols@")
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