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The Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 8.2.2
The GHC Team is pleased to announce a new minor release of GHC. This release
builds on the performance and stability improvements of 8.2.1, fixing a variety
of correctness bugs, improving error messages, and making the compiler more
Notable bug-fixes include
* A correctness issue resulting in segmentation faults in some
FFI-users (#13707, #14346)
* A correctness issue resulting in undefined behavior in some programs
using STM (#14171)
* A bug which may have manifested in segmentation faults in
out-of-memory condition (#14329)
* clearBit of Natural no longer bottoms (#13203)
* A specialisation bug resulting in exponential blowup of compilation
time in some specialisation-intensive programs (#14379)
* ghc-pkg now works even in environments with misconfigured NFS mounts
* GHC again supports production of position-independent executables
* Better error messages around kind mismatches (#11198, #12373, #13530,
A thorough list of the changes in the release can be found in the release
How to get it
This release can be downloaded from
For older versions see
We supply binary builds in the native package format for many platforms, and the
source distribution is available from the same place.
Haskell is a standardized lazy functional programming language.
GHC is a state-of-the-art programming suite for Haskell. Included is an
optimising compiler generating efficient code for a variety of platforms,
together with an interactive system for convenient, quick development. The
distribution includes space and time profiling facilities, a large collection of
libraries, and support for various language extensions, including concurrency,
exceptions, and foreign language interfaces. GHC is distributed under a
BSD-style open source license.
A wide variety of Haskell related resources (tutorials, libraries,
specifications, documentation, compilers, interpreters, references, contact
information, links to research groups) are available from the Haskell home page
(see below).
On-line GHC-related resources
Relevant URLs:
GHC home page
GHC developers' home page
Haskell home page
Supported Platforms
The list of platforms we support, and the people responsible for them, is here:
Ports to other platforms are possible with varying degrees of difficulty. The
Building Guide describes how to go about porting to a new platform:
We welcome new contributors. Instructions on accessing our source code
repository, and getting started with hacking on GHC, are available from the
GHC's developer's site:
Mailing lists
We run mailing lists for GHC users and bug reports; to subscribe, use the web
interfaces at
There are several other haskell and ghc-related mailing lists on; for the full list, see
Many GHC developers hang out on #haskell on IRC:
Please report bugs using our bug tracking system. Instructions on reporting bugs
can be found here: